$time difference

Allows you to get the difference between two dates/times.


Running this code will set the variable "oldTime and Date" to 06/12/2015 11:51:11". Then after, it will compute the difference of Date/Time 1 "07/12/2020 09:30:00" to Date/Time 2 with the variable "oldTime and Date" set.

As shown in the UBot browser, the difference is 1856.9 days.

set(#oldTime and Date,"06/12/2015 11:51:11","Global")
load html($plugin function("Time and Date Automation.dll", "$time difference", "07/12/2020 09:30:00", #oldTime and Date, "UBOT (MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss)", "Total Days", "#.##"))

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