pdf add list

Allows you to add a list to a PDF file.


Running this code will create a list named "%List" with the texts "a", "b", "c", "d", and "e".

After, running this code will append the PDF file and add "%List" to "Sample pdf 2.pdf" with the following properties:

  • Symbol Indent: 5
  • Option: Normal
  • Symbol: •
  • Indentation Left: 30
  • Header: Lists
add list to list(%List,$list from text("a,b,c,d,e",","),"Delete","Global")
plugin command("Document Automation.dll", "pdf append existing file", "{$special folder("Application")}\\Sample pdf 2.pdf", "{$special folder("Application")}\\pdf add list.pdf", "Start") {
    plugin command("Document Automation.dll", "pdf add list", %List, 5, "Normal", "•", 30, "Lists")

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